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New Papers!

Peng Tao's Design of a Reversible Inversed pH-responsive Caged Protein, Biomaterials Science

Herlina's Interaction and charge transfer between isolated thylakoids and multi-walled carbon nanotubes, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.

Lab meeting presentation schedule is posted.

Sierin will be giving a talk on "Protein Origami: Folding Like a Pro(tein)". Wednesday, 15 October @ 1 PM, the Lee Wee Nam Library. Register here.

The BeANs Lab participated in a project called "Tropical Molecules" by MoleCluesTV! Check it out!


Back: Vishnu, Sathya, Yun Rui, Ehsan, Mridul, Jiajun, Adhi
Front: Syai, Izyan, May, Rinny, Chor Kun, Thinzar, Sierin, Rupali, Geraldine, Fatemeh, Gyn Rhu
Not pictured: Ian, Shuhaida, Pengfei, Qin Hui

The rapid advancement of nanotechnology in the past decades results in developments of individual units that can be assembled to form hyrarchical systems with varying complexity. Our lab focuses on the design, engineering, and development of hybrid nano/microscale devices from biological parts by utilizing protein engineering as assembly tool towards future healthcare and sustainable earth.

Understanding the assembly mechanism of various protein-based nanocapsules and applying them as molecular carriers in medicine are our primary foci. In addition, we are interested in exploring novel applications for these nanocapsules. Three protein nanocapsules with unique properties are under investigation: E2, Ferritin, and Vault.

To address some aspects of the energy concerns, we are also working on incorporating photosynthetic organisms, chloroplasts, and light harvesting photosystems in the development of protein-based photovoltaic device.

Current Projects