Anwitaman Datta

I am an Associate Professor in the School of Computer Science and Engineering at NTU Singapore. I currently teach (parts of) an undergraduate course on Cryptography & Network Security, and one on Security Management, along with parts of a graduate level course on Distributed Systems. Additionally, I serve as a Senior Scientific Officer in a consulting role with QPQ.IO.
I did my undergraduate studies at IIT Kanpur, India, and my doctoral dissertation at EPFL Switzerland. During 2014-2018 I was a non-executive director of Qiv Storage Pte Ltd (which I had co-founded).


My research interests span the topics of large-scale resilient distributed systems, information security and applications of data analytics. Some of my distinctive and pioneering research contributions, which have preceded and influenced new lines of research in respective research communities include: (i) decentralized online social networks for privacy and censorship resistance, (ii) novel erasure codes tailor made for distributed storage systems --- self-repairing (locally repairable) erasure codes, erasure codes with elastic redundancy, and codes exploiting cross-version sparsity to efficiently store multiple versions of data, and (iii) the application of machine learning and stereotyping to computational trust. I have also contributed to well established research topics, spanning security and privacy, distributed data stores, collaborative systems, social network analysis, decision support applications and cryptocurrency forensics.
Most of my publications are listed at: DBLP | Google Scholar | ORCID. Currently I work on the following topics:

Coding for storage

The aim of this line of work is to build reliable distributed data storage systems based on novel erasure codes - exploring both new erasure coding techniques as well as suitable storage systems designs.

Security & Privacy

The aim of this line of work is to facilitate hosted data services supporting data analysis or collaborative applications, while achieving various desired security and privacy objectives.

Graph/network analysis

The aim of this line of work is to mine graphs, typically social networks/media, networks induced by interactions (e.g., cryptocurrency transactions) in order to derive actionable intelligence for decision support.

Selected talks


Advanced Topics in Distributed Systems

In this graduate level course (co-taught with colleagues), students learn some basic principles of distributed computing and systems, and some selected and advanced topics focusing on specific niche distributed systems. Specifically, I teach about RAID and (erasure coding based) RAIN storage and cloud scale file systems.
My Teaching material:
RAID & beyond, Cloud scale storage, Cryptocurrencies and blockchain
An extended version of this course has also been delivered as part of GIAN at IIT Indore.

Security Management

This undergraduate course emphasizes the need for good (IT) security management. Its aims are to identify the problems associated with security management and conduct case studies to show various (major) organisations (should) solve these problems. The overall treatment of the topics in the course is to provide an introductory glimpse, exploring the breadth of security management - rather than to go in depth of any specific topic.

My Teaching material:
Introduction (slides|lecture notes), Information security governance & the law (slides|lecture notes), Risk analysis & assessments (slides|lecture notes), Contingency planning & management (slides|lecture notes). Exercise questions & answers (#1, #2).


This is an introductory course on Cryptography and Network Security. I teach the first half dedicated to an introduction of some basic concepts of cryptography - including symmetric (classical ciphers, DES, AES, modes of operation) and asymmetric key cryptography (RSA, ECC), and the necessary elementary concepts from number theory.

My Teaching material:
Lecture slides: Introductory concepts and classical ciphers, Number theory basics, Secret key cryptography, Public key cryptography.
Interactive web demos for some (random and) basic concepts and algorithms essential to cryptography.


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