Hiring: Multiple PostDoc positions in (1) spatio-temporal data management and mining and (2) knowledge graph are available.

Biography Cheng LONG is currently an Assistant Professor at the School of Computer Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. From 2016 to 2018, he worked as an academic lecturer at Queen's University Belfast, UK. He received his PhD degree from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, in 2015, and his BEng degree from South China University of Technology, China, in 2010.

Research Interests Cheng LONG has research interests broadly in data management, data mining and machine learning. In particular, he has passion in designing (1) algorithms for querying and mining geo-spatial data, spatio-temporal data and graph data and (2) models for learning from these data types for various applications such as smart cities, logistics, social media analytics, etc.

Recent News
08/21 [Publication] ICDM 2021 "Summarizing User-Item Matrix By Group Utility Maximization"
08/21 [Publication] CIKM 2021 "Robust Road Network Representation Learning: When Traffic Patterns Meet Traveling Semantics"
05/21 [Grant] Singapore MOE AcRF Tier 2, "Pre-Processing and Querying Big Trajectory Data with Reinforcement Learning", PI
05/21 [Award] PhD student Zheng WANG receives AISG PhD Fellowship (Aug 2021 batch)
05/21 [Publication] KDD 2021 "Error-Bounded Online Trajectory Simplification with Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning"
04/21 [Publication] TKDE "On Efficient Large Maximal Biplex Discovery"
02/21 [Publication] ICDE 2021 "Trajectory Simplification with Reinforcement Learning"
12/20 [Service] Demo Track Co-Chair of IEEE MDM 2021
12/20 [Service] Publicity Co-Chair of SSTD 2021
12/20 [Publication] SDM 2021 "Adaptive Holding for Online Bottleneck Matching with Delays"
12/20 [Publication] ICDE 2021 "Self-Supervised Deep Metric Learning for Pointsets" and "ATNN: Adversarial Two-Tower Neural Network for New Item's Popularity Prediction in E-commerce"
07/20 [Publication] VLDB 2020 "Efficient and Effective Similar Subtrajectory Search with Deep Reinforcement Learning"
05/20 [Publication] KDD 2020 "Doing in One Go: Delivered Time Inference Based on Couriers' Trajectories"
04/20 [Publication] SIGMOD 2020 "Architecture-Intact Oracle for Fastest Path and Time Queries on Dynamic Spatial Networks"
04/20 [Award] Outstanding Reviewer of PAKDD 2020