Recent Completed Research Grant

Project Title

Funding Body

Amount of Funding

Grant Period


Biometric and Watermarking Enabled Secure Mobile Media

Thematic Strategic Research Programme Grant No: 062 130 0056

Agency for Science, Technology & Research (A*Star),  Singapore

Singapore dollar


2007 – 2010

Principal Investigator

Human Object Recognition

Grant No: MDA/IDM/2012/8/8-81 VOL 01 (6)

Media Development Authority of Singapore

Singapore dollar


2012 2018

Principal Investigator

Towards Developing the Next Generation Sustainable Surveillance Systems

MOE AcRF Tier 1

Singapore dollar 98,000.00

2016 – 2019


Principal Investigator

Target Detection and Classification Based on Microdoppler Signal Analysis and Machine Learning

Grant No: MINDEF-NTU-DIRP/2014/1

Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA)

Singapore dollar


2015 - 2019

Principal Investigator


Ongoing Research Grants 



Project Title

Amount (S$)

 Source of Grant


2018 - 2023

Quantum Measurement, System Control and Signal Processing

1,803,840 (3,543,480)

MOE Tier 3


2016 - 2019

Being Together Program (Project 2)


Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA)


PhD Students

Dr Manhua Liu  (Graduate, 2008)

Dr Bappaditya Mandal  (Graduate, 2009)

Dr Wei Yu  (Graduate, 2010)

Dr Cong Geng (Graduate, 2012)

Dr Zhenwei Miao (Graduate, 2013)

Dr Amit Satpathy (Graduate, 2014)

Dr Jianfeng Ren (Graduate, 2015)

Dr Jian Lai (Graduate, 2016)

Dr Ting Liu (Graduate, 2017)

Dr Ze Lu (Graduate, 2018)

Dr Xiaohong Wang (Graduate, 2020)

Dr Junwu Weng (Graduate, 2020)

Dr Mishuhina Vasilisa (Graduate, 2020)

Dr Henghui Ding (Graduate, 2021)

Dr Mengjiao Hu (Graduate, 2021)

Dr Jianhan Mei (Graduate, 2022)

Letao Liu

Chang Liu

Haoge Jiang

Zhan Lu

Zongrui Li

Song Xia

Post-doc Research Fellows

Dr Pew-Thian Yap

Dr Huijuan Yang

Dr Wee Chong Yaw

Dr Jianfeng Ren

Dr Renjie Huang

Dr Kart Leong Lim

Dr Qian Zheng

Dr Hanhui Li

Dr Jinsheng Ji



Selected Research Projects/Areas

o   Face Detection and Recognition Based on Machine Learning

o   Human Detection Based on Machine Learning

o   Visual Object Detection and Recognition

o   Image Classification and Search

o   Data-driving Dimensionality Reduction to Remove Misleading Information and Redundant Information

o   Sparse Coding and Dictionary Learning for Classification and Image Understanding

o   Neural Networks and Deep Learning

o   Data Analytics

o   Intelligent System

o   Biometrics: Human Identification and Verification