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Alfred Tok Iing Yoong

Biographical information

Alfred Tok (PK; Ph.D, NTU; C.Eng, MIMMM; MBA, NTU) has been a faculty in the School of Materials Science and Engineering since 2003. He studied Mechanical Engineering at the Queensland University of Technology, Australia, and graduated with a first class honors in 1995. He was also conferred the Dean's Award for Excellence for being top graduate on the course. After graduation, he had worked as a mechanical engineer at ST Aerospace Engineering. In 1997, he was awarded 2 scholarships at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to pursue his PhD in Mechanical Engineering. After graduation, he joined the Materials Engineering school as a Research Fellow in 2000 and took up the position of Assistant Professor in 2003. In 2009, he was bestowed the National Day Commendation Medal (PK) from the Singapore Prime Ministerís Office. In the same year, he obtained his Nanyang MBA in the Deanís Honors List. He was then appointed Division Head of Materials Technology in MSE in 2009 and presently, he is the Deputy Director of the Institute for Sports Research. He also consults extensively for companies from various industries.


The research group collaborates actively with NIMS (Japan), Loughborough University (UK), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel), Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Israel), Austrian Institute of Technology (Austria), Vestas Wind Systems (Denmark), University of New South Wales (Australia), ST Kinetics (SG), Defence Science and Technology Agency (SG), DSO National Laboratories (SG), Globalfoundries (SG) and Ministry of Defence (SG).


Committee involvements


Examiner of External phds

MS7001 Materials Laboratory Techniques

MS3015 Materials Aspects in Design

MS2002 Introduction to Manufacturing Processes

MS2011 Mathematics II


Unit Officer-in-Command, NTU NPCC

Honorary Officer, Assistant Superintendant of Police (NPCC)

ASTAR Public Sector Fund (PSF) Scientific Panel

Executive Committee Member, Institute of Materials (East Asia)

NTU Teaching Council

National Day Commendation Medal (Pingat Kepujian) 2009

NTU Teaching Excellence Award 2009

NTU MSE, Teacher of the Year 2013

Technical University of Denmark (Denmark)

Loughborough University (UK)

University of Toronto (Canada)

National University of Singapore (Singapore)