Alfred Tokís Research Group

Consulting Services

We have vast experience in the following areas:


(1)††††††††††† Failure Analysis

(2)††††††††††† Quality Assessments

(3)††††††††††† Materials Properties Testing

(4)††††††††††† Design / Development

(5)††††††††††† Reliability Prediction / Testing



Our industry expertise span the following:


(1)††††††††††† Microelectronics / Wafer Fab

(2)††††††††††† Construction

(3)††††††††††† Environmental

(4)††††††††††† Composites

(5)††††††††††† Chemicals

(6)††††††††††† Energy

Our groupís client include


Admaterials Technologies,

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices),

Amlab Services,

Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing,

Cookson Singapore,†

Exova Singapore,


Inkron Inc.,

Matcor Technology & Services,

Renewable Energy Corp.,

Rehau Group,

Republic Polytechnic,

Singapore Civil Defence Force,

Setsco Services,

Silecs International,

Singapore Polytechnic,

ST Kinetics,

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