Alfred Tok’s Research Group

Selected publications


1. L.T. Su, S.K. Karuturi, J. Luo, L. Liu, X. Liu, J. Guo, T.C. Sum, R. Deng, H.J. Fan, X Liu*, A.I.Y. Tok*, “Photon Upconversion in Heteronanostructured Photoanodes for Enhanced Near-Infrared Light Harvesting,” Advanced Materials 25 11 1603-1607 (2013). Back Cover Article [IF: 15.41]

2. R.I. Made, E.J.R. Phua, S.S. Pramana, C.C. Wong, Z. Chen, A.I.Y. Tok, C.L. Gan*, “Improved Mechanical and Thermomechanical Properties of Alumina Substrate via Iron Doping,” Scripta Materialia 68 869-872 (2013) [IF: 3.16]

3. J. Huang, M. Larisika, D.W.H. Fam, Q. He, M.A. Nimmo, C. Nowak*, A.I.Y. Tok*, “The extended growth of graphene oxide flakes using ethanol CVD,” Nanoscale, 5 7 2945-51 (2013)  [IF: 6.23]

4. Xie, S. S.; Su, L. T.; Guo, J.; Vasylkiv, O.; Borodianska, H.; Zhu, X.; Krishnan, G. M.; Su, H.; Tok, A. I. Y*. “Non-Catalytic Facile Synthesis of Superhard Phase of Boron Carbide (B13C2) Nanoflakes and Nanoparticles.” Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 12 596 (2012). [IF:1.44]

5. Karuturi, S. K.; Cheng, C.; Liu, L.; Su, L. T.; Fan, H. J.; Tok, A. I. Y*. “Inverse opals coupled with nanowires as photoelectrochemical anode.” Nano Energy 1 322-327 (2012) Journal Cover [IF: 10.21]

6. J. Luo, S.V. Karuturi, L. Liu, L.T. Su, A.I.Y. Tok, H.J. Fan*, “CdSe Sensitization of Complex Nanostructures using Atomic Layer Deposition for Solar to Hydrogen Conversion”, Nature Scientific Reports 2 451 (2012)  [IF: NA]

7. X. Teng, Y.H. Zhu, W. Wei, S.C. Wang, J.F. Huang, A.I.Y Tok, Y. Han, Q.C. Zhang, J.A. Capobianco, L. Huang*, “Lanthanide-Doped NaScFx Nanoparticles: Crystal Structure Evolution and Multicolor Tuning,” Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 8340-8343 (2012) [IF: 11.44]

8. S. K. Karuturi, J. S. Luo, C. W. Cheng, L. J. Liu, L. T. Su, H. J. Fan*, and A. I. Y Tok*, “Three-dimensional Ordered Hierarchical Nanobushes Photoanode for Highly Efficient Photoelectrochemical Cells” Advanced Materials 24 (30) (2012) [IF: 10.88]

9. C. Cheng, S.K. Karuturi, L. Liu, H. Li, L.T. Su, A.I.Y. Tok* & H.J. Fan*, “Quantum-Dot-Sensitized TiO2 Inverse Opals for Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Generation.” Small 8 37-42 (2012). Frontispiece Article. [IF: 7.33]