School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 

                BTech., MTech., PhD 
Associate Professor

 Office: N3 – 02b – 37
Tel: +65 - 6790 4784 



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     Academic Profile & Professional Experience

1987-91 B. Tech. (Mechanical Engg - Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University), India
1991-93 M. Tech (Solid Mechanics & Design - IIT Kanpur) India
1993-94 Senior Project Associate, IIT Kanpur
1994-98 Ph.D. (Mechanics of Materials - University of Cambridge, UK)
1999-00 Research Associate, Cambridge University Engineering Department, UK
2000-01 Research Scientist, National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), USA
June 2001- March 2010 Assistant Professor, NTU
April 2010 – Associate Professor, NTU
Advisor – Leadership Development Programme (MAE) (Aug 2010 – July 2014)
Acting Head – Manufacturing Division (July 2013 – Dec 2015)

      Research Interests

Powder consolidation
Sandwich panels design
Ultrasonic NDT
Adhesion and friction modelling (nanotribology)
Adhesive Bonded Joints

    Prizes and Awards

Ø  Nanyang Award 2009 for Excellence in Teaching (Also Teach-of-the-Year 2009 Award by the School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering) MAE students are indeed very kind in their vote for me.

Ø  Teacher-of-the-Year 2010 by School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, NTU. Again, MAE students are indeed very kind in voting for me.

Ø  Nanyang Award for Team-Work in 2019 and 2013 for the workdone by TEDxNTU.

Ø  Titanium Award @ 2006 URECA Poster Exhibition in NTU.

Ø  Recipient of Cambridge Nehru Scholarship (1994) and UK Overseas Research Student (ORS) award for Ph.D. programme at University of Cambridge, U.K.

Ø  University Gold Medal (HMT Medal) for securing First Rank at the JNT University, Hyderabad, India.

Ø  Dr. Ch. Satyanarayana Gold Medal recipient for securing First Rank at the Junior College.

Ø  Secured 98.55 percentile in Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) - 1991 (an All India level examination for Master's Course in India) and IIT Kanpur Institute Scholarship during M.Tech.

Ø  Recipient of  Telugu Vignana Parithoshikam (1987) - given to the top 25 students in each district of Andhra Pradesh at 10+2 level.

   Current Teaching (2015-16)

ü  MA4001 Engineering Design

ü  MA2004 Manufacturing Processes

ü  MA1002 Fundamental Engineering Materials

       Graduate Students

  1. Mr. Lim Yee Wei (working on the design of sandwich panels for energy management and their robust design)
  2.  Dr. Rengarajan Karthic Narayanan (worked on Modeling of Microstructure Evolution During Cold Wire Drawing Process and Properties Determination) Currently working as an Assistant Professor, India.
  3. Dr. Shashi Bhushan Kumar (worked adhesively bonded composite joints) Currently employed with DNV GL, Singapore
  4. Dr. Kotlanka Rama Krishna (worked on bone fracture fixation problem) Process Development Manager, Analog Devices, USA.
  5. Dr. Zheng Zuwei (worked on the adhesion mechanics of thin visco-elastic layers) Employed with Mammoet, Singapore
  6. Dr. Kapil Mohan (worked on the design of sandwich panels) Employed with DNV GL, Singapore.
  7. Dr. Ahmad Serjouei (worked on the optimal design of bi-layer armor materials) Employed as Lecturer in Nottingham Trent University
  8. Dr. Tang Jiann Haur (worked on the Fracture and Fatigue of Adhesive Bonded Joints) Working as a research engineer, Singapore
  9. Dr. A.M. Rashedi (worked on the optimal selection of materials for wind turbine blades and tower) Employed as a Research Associate Australia
  10. Dr. Rajaneesh Anantharaju (Worked on the Indentation and Impact of Sandwich Structures) currently research appointment in Belgium.
  11. Dr. Loo Zhi Yuan, Shane (worked on the CNT reinforced in sol-gel silica for low-k dielectric application) Employed with Singapore Public Sector.
  12. Dr Nguyuen Hai Dang, Working as a lecturer in Vietnam
  13. Dr Gautam Rinoj
  14. Dr. Adhithya Plato Siddharth Arunachalam working with IIT Madras, Chennai, India
  15. Dr. Dharesh Kumar working with SIMTech

 Book Chapters

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  3. D. N. Ghista, I. Sridhar, K. Ramakrishna ‘The human lumbar vertebral body: Analysis of its functionally-optimal designChapter 12 in Applied Biomedical Engineering Mechanics editor D. N. Ghista, Taylor & Francis (CRC press), 2008, pp. 355 - 378
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   Journal Publications (all these papers are available on-line on respective journal websites)

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