Welcome to Leong Research Group

(Soft Electronics Lab)

The general research interest of Leong Group at Nanyang Technological University, led by Assistant Professor Wei Lin Leong, is to develop nanomaterials (organic and hybrid) and implement electrical device engineering for ubiquitous electronics and energy harvesting, such as flexible transistor memory and solar cells. We explore the structure and function of these materials and the fabricated devices are also used for fundamental charge transport and photophysics studies.

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We are always hiring. Interested candidates, please send your CV to wlleong@ntu.edu.sg

Latest News:

  • May 2022: Postdoc positions in the area of (1) electronic skins/soft robotics (2) perovskite solar cells available in our group. Please apply now!
  • April 2022: A Highly Conducting Polymer for Self-Healable, Printable, and Stretchable OECTs Arrays and Tactile Sensors is reported in Advanced Materials! (Read more...)
  • Jan 2022: Our review paper on Halide perovskite-based indoor photovoltaics is out in Materials Today Energy! (Read more...)
  • Nov 2021: Congrats to Kunqi for his first paper on using conjugated molecule to detect filament formation in resistive switching devices in Nano Letters! (Read more...)
  • Oct 2021: Congrats to two of my PhD students, Abhijith and Mathilde, for graduating and starting their first postdoctoral work in Northwestern and Stanford University. Congrats and good luck!
  • Oct 2021: Another paper from Xihu, out in Adv Funct Mat - Ionic-Liquid Induced Morphology Tuning of PEDOT:PSS for High-Performance Organic Electrochemical Transistors (Read more...)
  • Sep 2021: Congrats to Mathilde for her paper on Slot-die Coated Methylammonium-Free Perovskite Solar Cells with 18% efficiency, out in Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells! (Read more...)
  • June 2021: Check out our NTU video for our tactile sensor work! (Read more...)
  • Congrats to Dr Chen Shuai for publishing his OECT based tactile sensor in Adv Funct Mat! (Read more...)
  • Our review article on OECTs is out at Advanced Materials Technologies! (Read more...)