Research interests:

Our group is interested in applying fundamental science to the understanding of material’s behavior aiming at developing new materials / innovative solutions for practical applications. In our research, experimental investigation has been complemented by computer simulation at different length scales. We have two general areas of research conveyed in 4 focused topics (listed below).

Surface Engineering of Materials: Thin films & engineered nanostructures for clean energy and environmental applications; Microelectronic thin films; Protective and functional surface coatings.

Mechanical Behavior of Materials: Deformation, fracture, fatigue, and creep of bulk monolithic & composite materials, thin films and multi-layers; Experimental and computational mechanics of materials; Materials degradation and failure analysis.

  • Coatings and Surface / Interface Engineering:
  • Photocatalysts for Clean Energy and Environmental Applications:
    • Synthesis of nanostructured photocatalysts for hydrogen fuel production via solar water splitting.
    • Semiconductor compounds for degradation and detoxification of organic and inorganic pollutants.
    • Materials for energy and environmental applications in general.
  • Microelectronics Materials, Packaging and Reliability:
    • Lead-free solder joining & solder metallization materials.
    • Eletromigration, stress migration and thermal migration in solder & Cu interconnects.
    • Interface reactions and long-term reliability of lead-free solder joints and (Au & Cu) wire bonding.
    • Barrier materials for Cu interconnect: development of future generation Cu diffusion barriers.
    • Electronic packaging materials and reliability for harsh environment applications.
  • Mechanical & Long-term Behaviour of Materials:
    • Fracture, fatigue, creep, wear, and scratch damage of materials.
    • Thin film fracture and delamination.Thin film reliability test design and analysis.
    • Impact of materials deformation on their performance.
    • Materials degradation and failure analysis.

Research scholarship & research fellowship:

Priority for research scholarship is given to outstanding graduates with background and experience in Materials Science & Engineering, Solid-State Physics, Chemistry or Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and other related disciplines leading to a Ph.D. degree. The scholarship offers a monthly stipend of S$2200+ (before qualifying exam and S$2700+ after qualifying exam), and also covers the University tuition fees. The estimated cost of living (including accommodation, food, transport, and other miscellaneous expenses) for a foreign student in Singapore is around S$1500-2000 per month. Successful candidates will be expected to conduct research in the one of the above research areas. Meanwhile, any proposals from potential applicants are welcome. Please take note of the admission requirements for MSE at NTU.

Opportunities for Postgraduate Scholarship:

  • NTU Research Scholarship (NTU-RS) leading to PhD degree. Both local and foreign candidates who are interested in working in any of research areas at NTU are welcome to apply.
  • Industrial Postgraduate Program (IPP) is a sheme sponsored by the Ecomonic Development Board of Singapore goveronment. It is open to Singaporeans and Singapore permanent residents leading to PhD degree.
  • Nanyang President’s Graduate Scholarship (NPGS) is a highly competitive scheme open to all nationalities leading to PhD degree at NTU.
  • Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) is open to international students leading to PhD degree. Please refer to the web site for more details.
  • A*STAR graduate scholarship (AGS) opens to Singaporeans, Singaporean permanent residents and ASEAN nationals to undertake research at his/her chosen A*STAR research institute and register candidature at a local University.

You are welcome to write to me (email: if you are interested in research fellowship or graduate research scholarship in the above areas.

Research positions (research student, research assistant, postdoctoral fellowship, etc.):

Positoins for full-time researcher and PhD scholarship will be updated at this site when available. In general, a PhD applicant is expcted to posses excellent academic record, good TOEFL (or IELTS) and GRE scores.

Research group members (current & alumni) and visitors:

Research staff




Dr. Gan Zhenghao

Research Fellow

Apr 2004 to Feb 2006

Ms. Atreyee Bhattacharyya

Research Associate

Nov 2005 to Jul 2007

Ms. Yang Ying

Project Officer

Aug 2006 to Sep 2012

Ms. Sophy Bhasi Kunnappilly

Research Associate

Oct 2007 to Feb 2008

Ms. Cheng Yu Hua Project Officer Jan 2009 to Oct 2011

Dr. Lai Yuekun

Research Fellow

Feb 2009 to Jun 2011

Mr. Koh Kwang Liang Project Officer Aug 2009 to Jul 2013

Mr. Aditya Mahesh Khatri

Research Assistant

Sep 2009 to Sep 2012

Mr. Ji Xianbai

Research Associate

Sep 2009 to Jul 2014

Dr. Subramaniam Vishnu Priya

Research Fellow

Jan 2010 to Jun 2011

Dr. Ahmed Sharif

Research Fellow

Jun 2011 to Aug 2012

Mr. Ho Weng Chye Jeffrey

Project Officer

Jul 2011 to Jan 2015

Dr. Kanhere Pushkar Dilip

Research Fellow

Nov 2011 to Jul 2014

Ms. Wu Xinghua

Research Associate

Feb 2012 to Aug 2014

Dr. Wang Danping

Research Fellow

Feb 2012 to Dec 2016

Dr. Nadeesh Singh Nobeen Research Fellow Feb 2013 to Apr 2014
Mr. P. F. B. Adaikalaraj (S. Joshi & Chen Z.) Research Associate Mar 2013 to Jun 2014
Dr. Nadeesh Singh Nobeen Research Scientist Aug 2014 to Apr 2015
Dr. Zhao Xin Research Fellow Sep 2014 to Apr 2019
Dr. Zhong Yucheng (S. Joshi & Chen Z.) Research Scientist Oct 2014 to Nov 2015
Mr. Suraj Ravindrababu Research Associate Jun 2015 to Nov 2015
Dr. Zhan Xuejun (Zhang Q.C. & Chen Z.) Research Fellow Aug 2016 to Aug 2017
Dr. Yao Xin Research Fellow Oct 2016 to Mar 2018
Dr. Zheng Shunli Research Fellow Dec 2016 to Jan 2019
Dr. Li Zhiqiang (Oh J.T. & Chen Z.) Research Fellow Aug 2017 to
Dr. Huang Yinjuan (Zhang Q.C. & Chen Z.) Research Fellow Sep 2017 to Jan 2019
Dr. Yan Guangxu Research Fellow Nov 2019 to
Dr. Ma Jielin Research Fellow Jul 2021 to
Mr. Malvern Yap Zong Han Research Assistant Aug 2021 to
Dr. Sun Weifeng Sr. Research Fellow Oct 2021 to
Dr. Wang Qi Research Fellow Nov 2021 to
Mr. Sun Ye Research Assistant Jan 2022 to May 2022


PhD students

Award of degree Job upon graduation

Tang Shiau Khee (Mridha S. & Chen Z)


Hardware Zone

He Min 2005 Postdoc Researcher, USA

Ee Yong Chiang


Research Engineer, Chartered Semiconductor

Tew Jin Wah Ronnie (Li G.Y. & Chen Z.)


Researcher, SIMTech

Wang Ting (Tang Y.J. & Chen Z)


Research Fellow, NTU
Aditya Kumar 2008 Researcher, Institute of Microelectronics

Dangeti Siva Rama Krishna (Sun Y. & Chen Z.)


Research Engineer, Chartered Semiconductor

Goh Phoi Chin (Yao K. & Chen Z.)


Researcher, IMRE

Cheng Yu Hua


Scientist, Procter & Gamble
Kanhere Pushkar Dilip


Research Fellow, ERI@N

Yan Hua


Research Engineer, GlobalFoundries

Gong Dangguo


FA Consultant, TÜV SÜD PSB

Vadym Kulish


Research Fellow, SUTD

Oleksandr Malyi 2013 Research Fellow, NUS
Tang Yuxin (Dong Z.L. & Chen Z.) 2013 Research Fellow, NTU
Shen Lu 2014 Researcher in IMRE (on job)
Yang Ying 2014 Senior Product QA Engineer, Micron
Tay Qiuling 2015 Energetics Research Institute, NTU
Divya Kumar 2016 Senior Engineer, Micron Singapore
Fu Qitao 2016 Senior Engineer, Micron Singapore
Lim Ju Dy 2016 Senior Engineer, GlobalFoundries
Ganapathi A. Sengodan (S. Joshi & Chen Z.) 2016 Research Fellow at NTU
Lim Bee Yen Adeline 2016 Kulicke & Soffa (on job)
Lee Pui Mun (Liu E. & Chen Z.) 2017 Postdoc Researcher, NUS
Qi Huan 2017 Research Fellow, NTU
Vinod Kumar Murugan 2017 Research Fellow, NTU
Wang Chen 2018 Research Scientist, SIMTech
Zheng Bo 2018 MacDermid Enthone (on job)
Wu Xinghua 2019 Faculty at Guangdong Univ of Tech, China
Ng Kia Sheun Leonard (Soo H.S. & Chen Z.) 2019 ExxonMobil Singapore
Benny Febriansyah (J. England & Chen Z.) 2020 Researcher at NTU
Tan Si Jia Jasmine 2020 Johnson & Johnson Singapore (on job)
Madhavi Dahanayaka (Zhou K. & Chen Z.) 2020 Research Fellow, NTU
Daniel Angel Bellido Aguilar 2021 Postdoc Researcher, USA
Sun Ye 2022 Researche, Onto Innovation
Michael Lim Joo Zhong (Tan C.S. & Chen Z.)    
Mario A. Hernandez Muralles (Oh J.T. & Chen Z.)    
Deng Yuheng    
Wei Lan    


MEng students


Award of degree

Job upon graduation

Ong Xuefen


Engineer, Chartered Semiconductor

Koh Kwang Liang 2014 Engineer, ST Marine
Ho Weng Chye Jeffrey 2015 Materials Engineer, KOP Surface Products
Luo Kaiming 2016 Engineer, UMC Singapore
Neha Agrawal 2019 Engineer, ExxonMobil Singapore
Luo Boyang 2021 Researcher at TL@NTU (on job)


Visiting professors / scientists



Prof. King-Ning Tu Sep 2002 (Tan Kah Kee V. Prof) University of California at Los Angeles, USA
Prof. Andriy Gusak Nov to Dec 2003 (TCT V. Prof) Cherkasy National University, Ukraine
Prof. Toh-Ming Lu Jul'05; Aug'06; Nov'12; Jan'14 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
Prof. Alexander M. Korsunsky Dec 2006 Oxford University, UK
Prof. King-Ning Tu Dec 2003, Dec 2007 University of California at Los Angeles, USA
Prof. Andriy Gusak Dec 2007 Cherkasy National University, Ukraine
A/Prof. Bao Chonggao

Jul to Oct 2008

Xi'an Jiao Tong University, China

Prof. Dr. Pierre Pichat Jan to Feb 2009; Jan 2010 Photocatalyse et Environnement, CNRS, France
Dr. Simo O. Pehkonen Jan to Feb 2009; Jan 2010 CEWIC, Thule Institute, Finland
A/Prof. Wang Changzheng Dec 2008 to Jun 2009 Liaocheng University, China
Prof. Mohammad Mujahid Jun to Jul 2009 National University of Science & Technology, Pakistan
Dr. David Hutt (Senior Lecturer) Dec 2009 Loughborough University, UK
Prof. Changqing Liu Dec 2009 Loughborough University, UK
A/Prof. Alexander Orlov Jan 2010; Jan 2011 State University of New York at Stony Brook, USA
Prof. Vadim V. Silberschmidt Feb 2010 Loughborough University, UK
Dr. J. N. Balaraju (Principle Scientist) Dec 2010 National Aerospace Laboratories, India
Dr. P.E. JagadeeshBabu May 2011 National Institute of Technology Karnataka, India
A/Prof. Nguyen Quang Liem Oct 2011 Institute of Materials Science, Vietnam
A/Prof. Zhou Huanfu Jan 2012 to Jan 2013 Guilin University of Technology, China
A/Prof. Zeng Yanping Apr to Oct 2012 University of Science and Technology Beijing, China
Prof. Y. C. Chan Dec'12; Dec'13; Jul-Aug'17 City Universtiy of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
A/Prof. Liu Yongping Feb to Apr 2013 Guilin University of Technology, China
A/Prof. Wang Ling Mar 2013 to Feb 2014 Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, China
A/Prof. Ma Beiyue May 2014 to May 2015 Northeastern University, China
A/Prof. Shu Haibo Sep to Dec 2014 China Jiliang University, China
Dr. Sudip Chakraborty Aug 2015 Uppasala University, Sweden
A/Prof. Li Jiao Aug 2015 to Feb 2016 Shandong University of Technology, China
A/Prof. Ma Juanjuan Nov 2015 to Oct 2016 Huaihai Institute of Technology, China
A/Prof. Zhu Rongtao Nov 2015 to Nov 2016 China University of Mining and Technology, China
Prof. Amir Azam Khan Feb 2016 Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Malaysia
Prof. Peter Wilson Feb 2016 University of Tasmania, Australia
Dr. Sudip Chakraborty Jul 2016 (TCT Fellow) Uppasala University, Sweden
Prof. Huang Wanxia Aug 2016 Sichuan University, China
Prof. Liu Hongli Aug 2016 Tianjin Chengjian University, China
A/Prof. Hu Jun Oct 2016 to Sep 2018 Northwest University, China
A/Prof. Jiang Liying Nov 2016 to Nov 2017 Zhejiang University of Technology, China
Prof. Liu Xiaoheng Jan to Feb 2017 Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China
Dr. Shen Yizhou Mar 2017 to Mar 2018 Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, China
Dr. Ung Thi Dieu Thuy May to Jun 2017 Institute of Materials Science, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam
Prof. Lai Yuekun Jul to Oct 2017 Soochow University, China
A/Prof. Huang Jianying Sep to Oct 2017 Soochow University, China
A/Prof. Vladimir Petrov Oct 2017 Moscow State University, Russia
Prof. Wang Peng Jan 2018 Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
A/Prof. Lu Guoping Jul 2018 to Jul 2019 Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China
A/Prof. Shi Wenyan Dec 2018 to Dec 2019 Yancheng Institute of Technology, China
Dr. Lu Ye May 2019 to May 2020 Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China
A/Prof. Ni Junjie Aug 2019 to Jan 2020 Liaocheng University, China
Dr. Zhang Fan Sep 2019 to Feb 2020 Jiangsu Ocearn University, China
A/Prof. Song Qiushi Nov 2019 to Nov 2020 Northeastern University, China
A/Prof. Qin Hongbo Nov 2019 to Nov 2020 Guilin University of Electronic Technology, China


Visiting research students

Name & candidacy


Home institution
Ms. Ren Fei (PhD) Jul to Nov 2005 University of California at Los Angeles, USA
Mr. Zhang Xi (PhD) Jul 2005 to Feb 2006 University of California at Los Angeles, USA
Mr. Sergiy Konorev (PhD) Apr to Jul 2008 National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", Ukraine
Mr. Xu Hui (PhD) Jun-Sep'08; Feb-Jul'09; Dec'09 Loughborough University, UK
Ms. Cheng Xiaojin Natalie (PhD) Dec 2009 Loughborough University, UK
Mr. Hu Xiao Kenneth (PhD) May to Jul 2013 City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Ms. Xu Sha Sally (PhD)

May to Jul 2013

City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Ms. Li Qingqing Marjie (PhD) Aug 2013 City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Ms. Brigitte Greenwood (MSc) Sep 2013 to Apr 2014 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland
Ms. Zheng Shunli (PhD) Apr 2014 to Feb 2015 Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, China
Ms. Lin Yu-Min (MSc) Jun to Sep 2014 National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan
Mr. Xu Yi (PhD) Jul 2014 to Jan 2015 Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, China
Ms. Zhang Xiaoqing (PhD) Aug 2014 to Aug 2015 Sichuan University, China
Mr. Li Yi (PhD) May to Aug 2015 City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Mr. Gong Yichao (PhD) Aug 2015 to Aug 2016 Sichuan University, China
Ms. Dong Xue (PhD) Sep 2015 to Aug 2016 Tianjin University, China
Mr. Gaurav Lakhani (UG intern) May to Jul 2016 Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore India
Mr. Yin Shuoyan (UG intern) Jul to Sep 2016 Shangdong University, China
Mr. Chen Wei (PhD) Sep 2016 to Sep 2017 Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China
Ms. Cao Chunyan (MEng) Dec 2016 to Sep 2017 Soochow University, China
Mr. Zhu Ze (PhD) Jun to Aug 2017 City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Ms. Li Longzhu (PhD) Feb 2018 to Feb 2019 Changzhou University, China
Mr. Chen Biqiang (PhD) Sep 2018 to Sep 2019 (TL) Xi'an Jiaotong University, China
Mr. Wang Bin (PhD) Oct to Dec 2018 South China University of Technology, China
Mr. Yang Xiangli (PhD) Nov 2018 to Nov 2019 (TL) Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China
Ms. Zhao Kaiying (MEng) Dec 2018 to Dec 2019 Soochow University, China
Mr. Ji Bang (PhD) Mar 2019 to Feb 2020 South China Agriculture University, China
Ms. Hemam Rachna Devi (PhD) Jun 2019 to Oct 2020 Indian Institute of Science, India
Ms. Wang Zhu (MEng) Dec 2019 to Mar 2020 Ningbo University, China
Ms. Feng Min (PhD) May 2021 to Feb 2022 Northwestern University, China
Mr. Wang Pengyu (PhD) May 2021 to May 2022 Harbin Engineering University, China
Ms. Yin Xiaoli (PhD) Nov 2021 to China University of Petroleum, China
Mr. Liu Shuming (PhD) May 2022 to Tsinghua University, China