Our Research Topics

  1. Geospatial data management and geo-textual data management  
  2. Spatial data mining and smart city 


1. Geospatial data management  

1.1 Querying spatio-textual (geo-textual) data (Spatial keyword queries)



               Figure 1: Overview of our research on enriched geo-spatial data



Location- and Keyword-based querying of geo-textual data  (VLDB Journal, 2021). We would like to update the survey regularly, and if we miss your work on the topic, please drop us an email.

Selected publications:


Main contributors: Xin Cao, Lisi Chen, Zhida Chen, Yue Chen, Shang Liu

Collaborators: Christian S. Jensen, Walid Aref.


1.2  Region search, exploration, representation, and recommendation  


                Figure 2: Overview of our research on region

Selected publications:


Main contributors: Xin Cao, Kaiyu Feng, Kaiqi Zhao, Yiding Liu, Yi Li

Collaborators: Cheng Long



1.3 Trajectory data management and mining 




                Figure 3: Overview of our research on trajectory




A Survey on Trajectory Data Management, Analytics, and Learning (ACM Comput. Surv., 2021)

Selected Publications:

similarity and search


Main contributors: Kaiyu Feng, Kaiqi Zhao, Di Yao, Yiding Liu, Xiucheng Li, Zheng Wang

Collaborators: Zhifeng Bao, Cheng  Long



2. Spatial-temporal data mining and smart city

2.1 Road network representation, trajectory data mining, time series data mining

Selected Publications:


Main contributors: Kaiqi Zhao, Di Yao, Xiucheng Li,  Zheng Wang, Yile Chen, Yue Jiang, Shuai Liu, Hettige Kethmi Hirushini 

Collaborators: Zhifeng Bao, Cheng Long



2.2 POI data mining and region data mining


Acknowledgement: Some of our projects are supported by grants awarded by Ministry of Education, NRF, IAF, Singtel/NCS, Roll-Royce, Alibaba, and Microsoft.