Data and Code

Trajectory similarity computation

The source code (prepared by Xiucheng Li) of our ICDE'18 papers


The source code (prepared by Jinyao Chin) of our CIKM'18 papers

The Meetup dataset (prepared by Tuan-Anh Nguyen Pham ) used in our ICDE15 paper  (A General Graph-based Model for Recommendation in Event-based Social Networks)

POI recommendation 

The dataset (prepared by Quan Yuan) used in our SIGIR 13 and CIKM14 papers (time-aware POI recommendation)

The dataset (prepared by Quan Yuan) used in our TOIS submission and KDD13 paper (Who, where, when and what: discover spatio-temporal topics for twitter users)

Publish/Subscribe for Text Streams

The Tweet dataset (prepared by Lisi Chen ) used in our ICDE15 paper (Temporal Spatial-Keyword Top-k Publish/Subscribe)

Influence Maximization

The source code (prepared by Bo Liu) of our ICDM12 and TKDE13 papers

Spatial keyword queries

The source code and a sample dataset  (prepared by Xin Cao) used in our SIGMOD11 paper (Collective Spatial Keyword Querying)

The source code for evaluated algorithms in our VLDB13 paper (prepared by Lisi Chen) Spatial Keyword Query Processing: An Experimental Evaluation 

Category hierarchy maintenance

The dataset and annotated data  (prepared by Quan Yuan) used in our SIGIR12 paper (Category Hierarchy Maintenance: A Data-Driven Approach)  

Question search

The annotated dataset (prepared by Xin Cao)  used in our question search papers (WWW10 and CIKM09) can be found at:

Classifying data with a large number of attributes but small number of instances (e.g., gene expression data). 

 Classifying software RCBT using top-k covering rule groups in SIGMOD05 paper is available here (Linux version)