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About me

I am Manager (Bibliometrics Analysis) in Talent Recruitment And Career Support (TRACS) Office at Nanyang Technological University.
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Talent Recruitment And Career Support (TRACS) Office and Bibliometrics Analysis

Nanyang Technological University,

76 Nanyang Drive, Block N2.1, B4-01, Singapore, 637331

Phone: (65) 65923248

Fax: (65) 67912397



Call for Submissions:

Special Thematic Issue for the journal:

Current Medicinal Chemistry

on: Malnutrition and Coronavirus Infection


Dear All:


I am invited by Current Medicinal Chemistry (Impact Factor: 4.530) to contribute a thematic issue on “coronavirus”. The tentative Scope of the thematic issue will be “Malnutrition and Coronavirus Infections”. My purpose is to include as many eminent researchers who have publications relating human microbiota,  nutrition and metabolic disorder to coronavirus infection to perform an integrated effort in combating this COVID-19 pandemic.


If you are willing to contribute your manuscript to this thematic issue, the submission link is: (please kindly register first). The submission deadline for manuscript is 31 March 2022. You may send your manuscript via the above link from now up until the deadline.


Thank you very much in advance for your kind support!






My Hobby:

On Luigi Cornaro Diet

(Book)  Restore Gut Homeostasis and Healthy Weight for an Anorexia Nervosa Patient by the Luigi Cornaro Diet - A Case Report


Dr. YU Ligen

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