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Research Group

RF/RA/PO positions are available for qualified applicants.

Research Staff

  • CAO Yixin, Research Assistant Professor
  • YANG Fan, Senior Research Fellow
  • ZHOU Xin, Research Fellow
  • LUO Chu, Research Fellow
  • Syed Ahmed Kabir Ijaz Fazil, Research Fellow
  • WU Xiangyu, Research Engineer
  • HUANG Yizheng, Research Engineer
  • LIU Xiaoyu, Research Engineer
  • CHEN Joanne Anne, Research Engineer
  • LIU Tianshu, Research Assistant

PhD Students

  • ZHANG Huaizheng, PhD student
  • WANG Ruihang, PhD student
  • SHEN Meng, PhD student
  • ZHUANG Weiming, PhD student (EDB-IPP)
  • CHEN Erdong, PhD student
  • GAO Wei, PhD student (Co-supervised with Prof. Tianwei Zhang)
  • HU Qinghao, PhD student (Co-supervised with Prof. Tianwei Zhang)

MSc Students

  • LI Jie, MSc student
  • XIA Deneng, MSc student

Visiting Scholars

  • NA


  • Dr. LUO Yong, Professor, Wuhan University
  • Dr. HU Han, Professor, Beijing Institute of Technology
  • Dr. LU Zongqing, Assistant Professor, Peking University
  • Dr. ZHANG Wei, Assistant Professor, Singapore Institute of Technology
  • Dr. GAO Guanyu, Associate Professor, Nanjing Institute of Technology
  • Dr. HU Zhenzhen, Associate Professor, Hefei Institute of Technology
  • Dr. LIU Fang, Lecturer, Singapore University of Social Sciences
  • Dr. JIAO Yanmei, Associate Professor, Nanjing Tech University
  • Dr. ZHAO Peng, Lecturer, Xián Jiaotong University
  • Dr. JIN Yichao, Data Scientist, Indeed
  • Dr. Vellore Arumugam RAJESH, Machine Learning Expert, SAP
  • Dr. Pham Nguyen Quang ANH, Software Developer, Indeed
  • Dr. SUN Peng, Senior Research Scientist, SenseTime
  • Dr. DAYARATHNA Miyuru, Senior Technical Lead, WSO2
  • Dr. ZHANG Huazi, Huawei Technologies, Co.


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Last modified on January 16, 2021