Yonggang Wen

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  • Weizheng HU, Transforming Thermal Comfort Model and Control in the Tropics: A Machine-Learning Approach (2020)
  • Peng SUN, Performance Optimization for Distributed Machine Learning and Graph Processing at Scale over Virtualized Infrastructure (2018)
  • Guanyu GAO, Video Transcoding for QoE-aware Adaptive Bitrate Streaming in the Cloud (2017)
  • Pham Nguyen Quang ANH, Optimizing GPU Algorithms for Sparse Data Problems (2017)
  • Yichao JIN, Towards Cost-Driven Cost Control and Management for Cloud-Centric Media Network (2016)
  • Vellore Arumugam RAJESH, Performance Enhancements in Large-Scale Storage Systems (2015)
  • Weiwen ZHANG, Towards Energy Efficient Task Execution in Mobile Cloud Computing (2015)
  • Zongqing LU, Exploring Social Structures for Network Protocol Designs (2014)


  • Linsen DONG, Baconian: A Unified Model-Based Reinforcement Learning Library (2021)
  • Shengsheng ZHOU, Core Utility Development for Hysia Performance Optimization (2019)
  • Ziyuan LIU, Towards Audio-Assist Cognitive Computing: Algorithms and Applications (2019)
  • Deliang YI, Toward Efficient Compute-Intensive Job Allocation for Green Data Centers: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach (2019)
  • Weida XU, Data Centre Virtualization and Visualization (2016)

Students’ Achievements and Awards under Tutelage

  • Guanyu GAO, National Award for Outstanding Self-financed Chinese Students Study Abroad (2018)
  • Yichao JIN, National Award for Outstanding Self-financed Chinese Students Study Abroad (2015)
  • Yichao JIN, Student Travel Grant Award, 2015 IFIP Networking (2015)
  • Weiwen ZHANG, National Award for Outstanding Self-financed Chinese Students Study Abroad (2014)
  • Weiwen ZHANG, Dragon Venture – NTU Award (2013)
  • Yu HONG, Dragon Venture – NTU Award (2013)
  • Yichao JIN, Dragon Venture – NTU Award (2012)
  • Mediana, LEE Kuan Yew Gold Medal, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (2015)

Degree Courses

  • CE/CZ4153, Blockchain Technology
  • CE3005/CPE302, Computer Networks
  • CPE421, Mobile and Personal Communications
  • TP6010, Technology Trends and Business Plan

Professional Training

  • Executive Training Course: Cloud Computing
  • Executive Training Course: Big Data
  • Executive Training Course: Smart Nation and Smart Cities
  • Executive Training Course: Blockchain and Its Applications
  • Executive Training Course: The AI Wears PRADA


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