Multiphysics Modeling – LI Hua at NTU

Research Grants

* Modification of Baseline Electrical Machine for Alternative Cooling and Reduced Mass (ManTech1.3) (Rolls-Royce – NTU)
* Numerical Simulation of Directed Energy Deposition (DED) Process (Part 1), and Parameter Optimization and Property Evaluation of Metal Parts Manufacturing Using DED Process (Part 2) (EDB – Makino)
* Reduction of Residual Stress in Parts Produced by Laser Beam Powder Bed Additive Manufacturing Process (A*STAR – ARTC)
Application of Laser Metal Deposition in Additive Manufacturing Technology to Produce Full Internal Cladding on Globe Valve Body (Part 1), and Influence of Powder Recycling System on Properties of Recycled Metal Powders and Its Correlation with the Mechanical Properties of Additively Manufactured Parts (Part 2) (EDB - Emerson)
* Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) System for Deep Underground Facility with Human Occupancy: Energy Simulation of USC and UWLF ACMV System (MND JTC)
* Fatigue Analysis of SLM Components under Thermal Loading (EDB – Lloyd’s Register)
* Energy Efficiency in HVAC System in Data Centre (ABB Pte Ltd
* Two Issues on a Novel Air Lubrication System for Ship Drag Reduction (SMI & EDB – NAME)

*New Generation HVAC Systems – Total Energy Efficiency Solutions: HVAC Visual Analytics for Overall Performance Evaluation (NRF – CRP)
* Investigation of Cargo Heating Systems Based on a Zero-Order Model and a Fast-Algorithm Optimization Strategy (MPA)
* Development of a User-Friendly Evaluation Tool for Design and Analysis of Building Energy Efficiency (JTC Innovation Fund)
* Scientific Planning Support for Developing Sustainable Buildings Using CleanTech Two as Pilot Project (JTC Corporation)
* Sun Grid Engine Testbed (SUN Microsystems Inc (Oracle))
* Development of Advanced Grid and Parallel Computing Frameworks for Highly Efficient Numerical Techniques (SUN Microsystems Inc (Oracle))
* Development of a Simulation Tool for Design and Analysis of Energy Efficiency of Buildings in Singapore (NTU – ERI@N)
* Development of a Computational-Based Modeling Platform for Bioparticle Manipulation (Tier 1 AcRF Grant, MOE)
* Model Development of Stimuli-Responsive Hydrogels in Micro-Scale Regimes: Design and Simulation of Hydrogel-Based BioMEMS (A*STAR, collaboration with Johns Hopkins Univ)
* Simulations of Fluid Flow in Microenvironment (Defence Medical & Environmental Research Institute, DSO National Laboratories)

* Electromobility in Megacities: Interdisciplinary Development of Vehicle Concepts (NRF – TUM CRATE)
* High Performance Cool Roof Coating for Green Buildings (A*STAR-MND)
* Study of Cool Roof Materials for HDB Buildings (HDB)
* Multiscale Materials Modelling (US Air Force – Asian Office of Aerospace R&D)

* Using Cool (High-Albedo) Building / Pavement Surfaces as a Strategic Measure for Energy Saving and Reduction of Heat Island Effect in Singapore (NTU – CoE)
* Modeling & Simulation of Nano/Meso/Macro-Scale Phenomena in Advanced Material & Biological Systems (NTU – CoE)
* Guided Self-Assembly Process for Nanoelectronic Modules & Systems (

Industry R&D Projects
* Design of Micro-Resonator for Magnetic Sensor (Sony Electronics (S) Pte Ltd, Singapore Research Laboratory)
* Strength Analysis and Drop-Test Impact Simulations for the Specified TV Structures with Packaging Materials (Philips Consumer Electronics Pte Ltd, BG TV-BCU Mainstream TV Development)
* Drop-Test Simulation of a Full-Scale Compact-Disk Prototype (Philips Optical Storage Pte Ltd, Laser Optics Asia Pacific)
* Strength Analysis of Threads of the Barrel, Breech Screw and Breech Ring in the Breech Assembly (Ordnance Development and Engineering Company of Singapore Pte Ltd)
* Static and Creep Simulations of Polymer Pallet (GE/Fitch Singapore Pte Ltd)
* Predictions of Sub-Munition Terminal Velocity and Flight-Projectile Trajectory (Chartered Ammunition Industries Pte Ltd)
* Deployment Simulation of Mine Clearer Simplified into Linear Charger System (Chartered Ammunition Industries Pte Ltd)
* Simulations of Shaped Charge and EFP Warheads Penetrating into Different Targets (Chartered Ammunition Industries Pte Ltd)

* Meshing Noise Simulations of Roller-Chain-Sprocket Drive System for Motorcycle (Sunstar Logistics (S) Pte Ltd)
* Drop-Test Simulations of Pager (Motorola Electronics Pte Ltd, Paging Products Group, Singapore Design Centre)

Other Projects
* MEMS Modeling and Simulation: Numerical Simulation of Fluid-Structure Coupling in Micro-Systems (NSTB)
* An Advanced Platform for Biomolecular Detection and Analysis Systems: Micro-Fluidic Tectonics and Pocket BC Detector Systems: Modeling of the Stimulated Hydrogels (The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) & Air Force Research Laboratory, Air Force Command, USAF)

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