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Dr. FAN, Hong Jin

fanhj (Q)

Academic background:

2019 –           Professor, Nanyang Technological University 
2014 – 2019  Associate Professor, Nanyang Technological University 
2008 – 2014  Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technological University
2006 – 2008  Research Associate, University of Cambridge
2003 – 2006  Postdoc fellow, Max-Planck-Institute of Microstructure Physics
1999 – 2003  PhD, National University of Singapore, Dept. Physics
1995 – 1999  B.Sc, Jilin University (China), Dept. Physics


Short Biography:

Dr. Fan is a Professor at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. His PhD project was Brillouin spectroscopy of acoustic phonons of porous silicon and phase-change materials. His postdoc research in Germany was about patterned growth and optical properties of ZnO nanowires, and in Cambridge he worked on ferroelectric microtubes. Since joining NTU in 2008, he works on exploring new electrode materials and understanding their functions in energy conversion and storage processes, including catalysis for hydrogen generation, new redox batteries and flexible energy devices. He pioneered the application of atomic layer deposition and high-power plasma in synthesizing and tailoring energy materials. Currently his group focuses on developping high-energy-density and low-cost Zn based batteries and atomic electrocatalysts.

Dr. Fan widely collaborates. He has co-authored  300 journal papers with an H-index of 98. He has been recognized as Highly Cited Researcher consecutively since 2016 by Clarivate Analytics. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Materials Today Energy, and editorial/advisory board member of journals including Energy and Environmental Sciences, eScience,
Small, Advanced Science, Advanced Materials Technology, Next Materials, etc.

范 红金,新加坡南洋理工大学数理学院教授。本科毕业于吉林大学物理系,新加坡国立大学获博士学位(多孔硅和相变材料的布里渊光谱),其后分别在 德国马普研究所(氧化锌纳米线阵列)和英国剑桥大学(铁电微米管)从事博士后工作。2008年加入南洋理工大学,既享受办公室日出日落蝶飞鸟唱,也纵情篮 球场奔跳狂欢。半生科研路,一世象牙塔。往后余生,平淡荣华估计都是它。

范教授的主要研究领域为纳米材料在能源中的应用,包括钠电池,锌电池和光电催化。“细雨湿衣看不见,闲花落地听无声"。平淡耕耘,尚 无建树。 合作发表280多篇论文。从2016年起连续成为科睿唯安材料类全球高被引作者。他目前担任10多个国际期刊编委,现任 Materials Today Energy 主 编,他做小编挺认真的。

“好写字但未临帖,爱唱歌然不识谱,惯写诗皆为打油。” 这是他的自我总结。三天打鱼两天晒网,希望这些小兴趣不要被科研的日常抹杀。

YANG Jinlin
Candidate of Ph. D.

M.Sc, Tsinghua University
Aqueous batteries

WU Jiawen
Candidate of Ph. D.

B.Sc, Fudan University
Flexible energy devices

Candidate of Ph. D.

M.Sc, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
Aqueous batteries

CAI Daqian
Candidate of Ph. D.

M.Sc, Tsinghua University
Aqueous batteries

YI Zhehan
Candidate of Ph. D.

M.Sc, Tianjin University
Aqueous batteries

Research Fellow 

Ph.D., Institute of Solid State Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

Research Fellow

Ph.D., Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Theoretical calculation of batteries

Dr. PAN Jun
Research Fellow

Ph.D., Shandong University
Liquid and solid-state batteries

Visiting Scholars

Wang Fan (Harbin University of Science and Technology)
Liu Huan (Xi'an University of Science and Technology)
Zhao Xingyu (Harbin University of Science and Technology)
Zhao Yajun (Beijing University of Chemical Technology)
Jiang Xiaodi (Tongji University)
Sun Tianjiang (Nankai University)
Yang Bo (Jilin University)
Zhang Xinyuan (Jilin University)
Lei Hang (Jinan University)
Wang Yue (Harbin Institute of Technology)
HAN Mingming (Centra South University)
YAN Wenqi (Nanjing Tech University)
LIU Yumei (Sichuan University)
CHEN Suhua (Hunan University)
CHEN Da (Ningbo University)
KUANG Quan (South China University of Technology)
XUE Tong (North Minzu University)
WANG Chunli (Shenzhen University)
LIU Yipu (Jilin University)
HU Ping (Wuhan University of Technology)

Former Members
Tang Shasha ()
Hu Yuzhong (University of Warwick, Postdoc)
Jia Guichong ()
Zhang Yongqi (University of Electronic Science and Technology, Professor)
Zheng Shoujun
Nguyen Huy Tiep ()
Zhu Changrong (Joule, Associate Editor)
Luo Jingshan (Nankai University, Professor)
Li Xianglin (NanoFrontier MEE Co. Ltd.)
Guan Cao (Northwest Polytechnic University, Professor)
Ganesh Duragasi (RGUKT, Assistant Professor)
Liu Monan (Jilin University, Associate Professor)
Zhou Weiwei (Harbin Institute of Technology, Associate Professor)


Yang Peihua (Wuhan University)
Sun Tao
Tan Hua (Shandong University)
Cheng Hongfei (IMRRE, A*Star)
Zhou Yao (Beijing Institute of Technology)
Chao Dongliang (Fudan University)
He Haiyong (Ninbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, CAS)
Xu Kun (Anhui University)
Wang Zhe (Research Fellow, NTU-MSE)
Wang Huanwen (China Geography University, Wuhan)
Xu Jing (Nanjing University of Science and Technology)
Shen He
Ku Zhiliang (Wuhan University of Science and Technology)
Xia Xinhui (Zhejiang University)
Ignacio Mínguez Bacho
Zhang Xiang (Beijing Institute of Technology)
Cheng Chuanwei (Tongji University)
Liu Jinping (Wuhan University of Technology)
Li Hongxing (Xiangtan University)
Wang Yang (Harbin University of Technology)

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