Research Fellows

Name Current Position Connect
Dr. Akshita Kumar Dhawan Senior Research Fellow, Bioinformatics Institute, A*STAR
Dr. Lu Yang (Kenn) - -
Dr. Lim Zhi Wei Research Fellow, Skin Research Institute of Singapore (SRIS)
Dr. Snehasish Basu Bioengineered and Applied Nanomaterials Laboratory (BeANs Lab), NTU
Dr. Bi Xiaobao Professor in Collaborative Innovation Center of Yangtze River Delta Region Green Pharmaceuticals, Zhejiang University of Technology, China
Dr. Luigi Petrone Senior Scientist in BrookesBell
Dr. Liu Tian - -
Dr. Hortense Le Ferrand Assistant Professor at School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, NTU, Singapore
Dr. Bartosz Gabryelczyk Academy Postdoctoral Researcher at Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems, Aalto University, Finland
Dr. Ping Yuan Doctoral supervisor at College of Pharmaceutical Science, Zheijang University, Hangzhou, China
Dr. Shahrouz Amini Group Leader at Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces
Dr. Yanping Zhou - -
Dr. Najmul Arfin Assistant Professor, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
Dr. Paul Andre Guerette Principle Scientist at Bolt Threads
Dr. Vitali Lipik R&D Director of Sportmaster Group of Companies and Adjunct Professor at Nanyang Technological University
Dr. Bram Cantaert Principal Engineer, Electron Microscopy, Western Digital, Bangkok, Thailand
Dr. Ali Ghadban Assistant Professor at the Lebanese International University, Lebabon
Dr. Yen Hsiang Chieh - -
Dr. Ondrej John Zvarecn Area Manager - Finish Dosage at IDT Australia Limited
Dr. Calvin Chu SQL DBA/Developer -

Ph.D. Graduates

Name Current Position Connect
Dr. Dario Heymann Chief Research Officer, Galen Growth
Dr. Cai Hao Data Science Fellow at Insight Data Science, Canada
Dr. Fu Tianpei Failure Analysis Engineer at HP
Dr. Fu Jing Associate Engineer, R&D at Biosensors International Group, Ltd, Singapore
Dr. Ding Dawei Professor at Soochow University
Dr. Maryam Tadayon Postdoctoral Researcher at Max Planck Institute & B CUBE, TU Dresden
Dr. Zhang Lihong -

Research Assistants

Name Current Position Connect
Abbas Bacha Senior Research Officer, Environmental Health Institute, NEA
Clarinda Natalia Sutanto Ph.D. (Clinical Nutrition) research candidate at NUS, Singapore
Muniraj Giridharan -

Previous Ph.D. Students

Name Current Position Connect
Merve Izmir Graduate Student Researcher at LUMINOUS! Centre of Excellence for Semiconductor Lighting and Displays
Burhanuddin Ali Asger Consultant : Healthcare Advisory - Sathguru Management Consultants, Hyderabad, India

Final Year Project & Exchange Students

Name Project
Tan Rui Ying, Ryann Optimization and characterization of squid suckerin-spider silk hydrogel porosity for drug delivery
Er Hsian Cong Optimization of buffer conditions for aggregation of polypeptides
Mohamed Khwajah Syed Meera Lebbai Marica Direct delivery of CRISPR/Cas9 system using peptide coacervates for gene editing
Andy Tan You Zhang Understanding how protein cause corrosion in the marine environment
Ronnie Tan Photonic crystal synthesis using reflectin protein from Doryteuthis pealeii (Longfin inshore squid)
Helene Ly Suckerin hydrogels for wound healing applications
Damian Chua Kang Keat Recombinant production and characterization of NT*-SKRpep-CT fusion protein
Tay Xin Yi Encapsulation of therapeutics using pepHBP-1 peptide coacervates derived from the Humboldt squid (Dosidicus Gigas) beak protein
Tay Ji Qin Joseph Glucose-responsive insulin therapy using coacervates
Chin Kei Lin Expression and purification of reflectin‐like protein from Doryteuthis pealeii (Longfin inshore squid)
Jamie Sim Jing Wei Bundling and self-assembly of recombinant whelk egg capsule
Nerissa Deviana Synthesis, purification and characterization of bio-inspired modular peptides
Carolin Heller Novel biomimetic polymers for induction of myogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells
Natalie Alvarez Purification of barnacle adhesive proteins.
Pat Balmediano Purify barnacle proteins and to characterize their adhesive and antimicrobial properties
Wu Di Investigating protein-polymer hybrid materials for drug delivery
Tan Bee Yi Engineering and characterization of materials inspired by the Humboldt Squid Sucker Ring teeth
Ho Chin Guan Engineering of novel peptidic materials inspired by the Humboldt Squid Sucker Ring teeth
Grandy Paramananda Putra Combinatorial chemistry meets bio-inspiration: Peptide synthesis, analysis, and design
Teh Wei Ming John Collagen cross-link Chemistry and Tanning
Tay Zi Quan Eugene Protein extraction, purification and Characterization of precursor proteins found in Busycon egg case proteins and Pugilina Cochlidium
Pauline Purification of mussel foot protein (Mfp-1)
Pang Cheng Sheng Nanomechanical and structural investigations of complex biomineralized structures
Kerby Extraction, purification and characterization of green mussel Perna viridis foot protein-3 (PVFP-3)
Raymond Tan Recombinant expression and purification of coiled-coil bio-elastomeric proteins from marine snails egg case
Tay Arif Fahla Hermawan Material characterization of Bio-encapsulation layer from Pugilina Chloclidium sp egg capsule
Chee Bing Hong Biomechanical and Chemical Characterization of Elastic Mussel Threads from Green Mussels
Hsieh Cheng Che Electroless metalisation using cathecholic based chemistry.
Lim Ee Tat Extraction, purification and Characterization of Mussel adhesive protein(pvfp-5).
Sim Pei Hui Electroless metalisation using cathecholic based chemistry.
Tay Chin Tse Nam Peter Extraction, Purification and Characterisation of Mussel adhesive protein (pvfp-3).
Seow Ming Sheng Vincent Characterisation of Precursors within Nidamental Gland of Pugilina Cochlidium.