Laboratory of Therapeutic Cellular and Drug Delivery Systems

School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering (SCBE)

Nanyang Technological University

Email: ttdang@ntu.edu.sg
Phone: (65) 6790-4257

Office: N1.3-B3-09






Our laboratory aims to advance human health by tackling challenges at the interfaces of Engineering/Biology/Material Science and Medicine. We strive to answer fundamental scientific questions and create innovative therapeutics with the eventual goals of translating them into clinical applications. Our multidisciplinary interests span the fields of biomaterials, drug delivery, cell-based therapeutics and tissue engineering with current focus on treatments for diabetes and wound healing.Our approach leverages fundamental understanding of the interaction between biomaterials and the immune systems to design novel therapies including immunologically activated drug delivery system, inflammation-attenuating biomimetic materials and immuno-isolated cellular therapeutics.