Laboratory Film Depositiog Facility:

1. ULVAC Entron EX 300 mm physical vapour deposition system

2. AJA dual deposition chamber 16-target UHV MRAM magnetron sputtering system

3. Home-built 6-target UHV magnetron sputtering deposition system

4. PAR Pulsed electrodeposition system

5. Edwards 306 e-beam evaporation system

6. Home-built in-plane and perpendicular field annealing high vacuum system


Laboratory Micro-/Nano-fabrication Facility :

1. Raith Voyager 200 mm electron beam lithography

2. Raith e-line electron beam lithography

3. Plasma-Therm 200 mm dual-chamber ICP reactive ion etching system

4. Plasma-Therm 200 mm PECVD system

5. Suss Microtec MJB4 mask aligner

6. AJA ion milling system with Hiden SIMS element detector

7. Laurell 150mm spin Coater

8. Nikon Eclipse advanced research upright optical microscope

9. Olympus advanced optical microscope

10. Quorum Technology oxygen plasma barrel etcher

11. Stainless steel solvent bench for nanolithography

12. PP acid and solvent benches for photolithography and etching

13. Sartorius DI water system

14. Elga DI water system

15. Home-built laser lithography system


Laboratory Characterisation Facility :

1. Cascade Microtech 40GHz RF probe station

2. Home-built four-point probe and bonded-chip AMR/GMR/TMR measurement set-up

3. Picosecond model 10300B programmable pulse generator

4. Teledyne LeCroy WaveMasater 6 GHz real-time bandwidth oscilloscope

5. Home-built polar and in-plane magneto-optical Kerr magnetometry (MOKE)

6. Park System atomic/magnetic force microscopy with in-situ magnetic field

7. Lakeshore EM4 electromagnet with model 642 power supply

8. Home-built quadrupole electromagnet and rotating field control system

9. Home-built magneto-fluidics bioMEMS probing station

10. Home-built vector network analyser based ferromagnetic resonance system

11. Magvision Kerr microscopy

12. Keithley 4200A-SCS Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer Characterization System

13. Lakeshore model 8600 vibrating sample magnetometer


Group's Computation Capability :

1. OOMMF micromagnetic simulation program (NIST public code)

2. mumax3 GPU-accelerated micromagnetic simulation program (DyNaMat public code)


School/Division Central Facility :

1. Quantum Design Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS)/VSM

2. Quantum Design Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (MPMS SQUID)

3. JEOL JEM-1400 transmission electron microscope

4. JEOL 6700F field emission scanning electron microscope with energy dispersive X-ray analysis

5. Bruker D8 Advance powder X-ray diffraction system

6. Rigaku Smartlab high resolution X-ray diffractometer

7. Asylum Research Cypher S fast scanning atomic force microscope


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