Sourav S Bhowmick

Singapore-MIT Alliance School of Computer Engineering Nanyang Technological University

What's New

  • May 2023: Honored to receive Distinguished Associate Editor Award at ACM SIGMOD 2023 yesyesyes.
  • May 2023: I am giving a keynote talk at the DataEd 2023 workshop co-located with SIGMOD yes.
  • Mar 2023: Our articles on human-graph interaction and CLOSET are accepted to CACM yesyes.
  • Mar 2023: Our book on plug-and-play visual subgraph query interfaces (Springer Nature-Morgan Claypool) is available in online and offline stores now yes.
  • Mar 2023: Our paper on scalable attributed network embedding is going to appear in the special issue of Best of VLDB 2021 yes.
  • Feb 2023: Two research papers on human-graph interaction and privacy-preserving graph querying and a demo paper on technology-enabled database education are accepted to ACM SIGMOD 2023 yesyesyes.

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