Sourav S Bhowmick

Singapore-MIT Alliance School of Computer Engineering Nanyang Technological University

What's New

  • 1 Research Assistant position is available in my group. Details are here. Please send me your CV if you are interested.
  • Very honoured to be inducted into Distinguished Members of the ACM for "outstanding scientific contributions to computing" yesyesyes.
  • Renchi's work on scalable attributed network embedding is accepted in VLDB 2021 yes.
  • Lyu's work on privacy preserving strong simulation queries is accepted in ICDE 2021 yes.
  • Jianxin's paper on keyword search on massive graphs is accepted in IEEE TKDE yes.
  • Guozhong's work on shaplet discovery is accepted in IEEE TKDE yes.
  • Peipei's work on visual graph query completion is accepted in IEEE TKDE yes.

yes yes linkedIn ResearchGate yes