List of Present and Past Graduate Students and Research Staffs

SMA Fudan Current


I am delighted to work with some great bunch of grad students and research staffs. If you are interested to join our group, it is good to know the way we work:
  • We follow quality over quantity on every aspect of our research.
  • I keep my team lean. That is, I work with a small group of students and research staffs and ensure that each of them receive quality supervision regularly.
  • I supervise at most 4-5 PhDs simultaneously. I DO NOT outsource PhD supervision to Post Docs. A doctoral student will be directly advised by me and have access to me anytime.
  • We focus on only few publications every year in highly competitive and prestigious venues. We strongly discourage paper "diarrhoea". Typically, a Ph.D. student needs around three hiqh quality first-authored papers to graduate. If you aspire to author many papers as a Ph.D. student or a Post Doc then our group is not the right place for you.
  • We strongly encourage research on novel problems that are non-traditional and challenge conventional wisdom. The shorter the related work in your research, the better :)
If you are a bright, curious, highly motivated, and technically strong candidate and wish to do some innovative cutting-edge research in the area of data management and analytics then email me with your detailed CV and transcripts of your undergraduate study.


Name Program Projects Representative Publication Record Awards/Honors
Dr Chua Huey Eng Senior Research Fellow INGOT, HINT SIGMOD [18, 19, 20, 21], VLDB [21], TKDE [17], ICDM [16], Bioinformatics [15, 17], Methods [17], ACB BCB [14,16, 17], BigComp[14]  
Hui Li M.Engg PAELLA PAKDD [20], SIGMOD [20] -
Nerissa Xu Research Asst INGOT - -



Name Program Project Representative Publication Record Completion Date First Employment
Reine Fang Research Assistant Adult Learning - Apr 2021 -
Dr Partha Pratim Kundu Research Fellow HINT - Oct 2019 I2R, ASTAR
Yang Zhao Research Assoc. GREASE - Sept 2019 -
Weiguo Wang Research Asst. NARRATE SIGMOD [21] Aug 2019 Alibaba, Hangzhou
Zekun Ye Research Asst. HINT VLDB [21] March 2018 -
Zifeng Yuan Research Asst. HINT SIGMOD [20], VLDB [21] March 2018 -
Jia Shi Research Asst HINT - July 2017 Paypal, Shanghai.
Yinglong Song Research Asst HINT SIGMOD [18, 20] July 2017 eBay, Shanghai
Kai Huang Project Officer HINT VLDB [17], SIGMOD [19, 20, 21] Dec 2016 Ph.D (Fudan)
Miao Xie Project Officer HINT ICDE [19], VLDB [18], VLDB J [17, 20] Sep 2015 Huawei, Beijing
Rachit Dubey Project Officer HINT - July 2015 Ph.D (UC, Berkeley)
Dingxian Wang Project Officer HINT - July 2014 eBay
Chaohui Wang Project Officer HINT ICDE [19], VLDB J [20] June 2014 Google, US
Ba Quan Truong Project Officer SIERRA, XCALIBUR, HINT SIGIR[17], MM[13], SIGMOD [13], WWW[12,14], DASFAA [13], ICMR[12] August 2013 M.S (Stanford Univ). Currently in Facebook.
Peixi Zhao Research Associate (SMA) INGOT BCB [11], SIGHIT[12] July 2011 Local industry
Bo Zhang Project Officer (SMA) HINT   Sept 2010 Google, China
Changjiu Jin Project Officer HINT SIGMOD [10, 11], ICDE [12] Mar 2010 Ph.D. (Univ of Waterloo, Canada)
Erwin Leonardi Research Fellow (SMA) XCALIBUR ICDE [09], CIKM [09], DASFAA[12] Nov 2008 Post Doc (Delft Univ, Holland)
Colin Zhou Project Officer (SMA) XCALIBUR ICDE [09] Apr 2008 Local industry
Klarinda G Widjanarko Project Officer (SMA) XCALIBUR ICDE [09], DASFAA [07a, 07b] June 2007 Local industry




Name Degree Program Thesis Title Year Representative Publication Record Awards/Honors First Employment Current Employment
Renchi Renchi Yang Ph.D Efficient and Scalable PageRank-based Techniques for Graph Analytics 2021 VLDB [21,20], SIGMOD [19], KDD [17] Best Research Paper Award in VLDB (2021), ACM SIGMOD Travel Award (2019) Research Fellow, NUS Research Fellow, NUS
Xi Xi Lin Ph.D Data-driven Travel Time and Demand Estimation of Vehicles in Smart Cities 2020 CIKM [19], IEEE Smart Cities (ISC2) [18] ISC2 Best Paper Nominee (2018), ACM CIKM Travel Award (2019) Data Scientist, Grab Data Scientist, Grab
Christina Christina Lui M.Sc KANDINSKY: Time-based Visualization of Online Social Comments 2019 SIGIR [19] Finalist of NTU Global Digital Art Prize 2019 (14 finalist selected out of 459 applications from 73 countries) - Singapore Airlines
HueyEng Huey Eng Chua Ph.D (CSB) TRECENTO: In Silico Network-driven Identification of Target Combinations for Combination Therapy 2015 Bioinformatics [15], BCB [11, 12, 14, 16], SIGHIT[12a, 12b]   Research Fellow, NTU, Singapore Senior Research Fellow, NTU, Singapore
Boon Siew Boon Siew Seah Ph.D (CSB) Multi-resolution Functional Summarization and Alignment of Biological Network Models 2014  BCB [11], SIGHIT[12], BMC Bioinfo [12], Bioinformatics [12, 14], TKDE [16], Methods [14], ICDM [16] Best Paper Award in ACM BCB 2011 Data Scientist, IDA, Singapore Director, Accenture, Singapore
Hero Li Hui Ph.D. iMASON: Towards Influence-driven Multi-level Analysis of Online Social Networks 2012 VLDBJ [14], DMKD [13], JASIST [11], EDBT [13], CIKM [09, 10, 11]   Assistant Professor, Xidian University, Xian, China Professor, Xidian University, Xian, China
Lakshmi Lakshmi Venkatraman Ph.D. (CSB) Mathematical Model of Activation of Transforming Growth Factor-Beta1 With Application to Liver Fibrosis 2012 PSB[10], ADDR J [10], BioPhy J[11,12]   PDF, Eils Lab, University of Heidelberg, Germany PDF, Harvard Medical School, USA
Yang Yang Chu (Co-advisor) Ph.D. Mapping, Indexing & Querying MPEG-7 Descriptors & Description Schemes 2008 DKE [07], DEXA [05]      
Ling Chen Ling Ph.D. Mining Association Rules from the Evolution of Tree Structured Web Data 2007 VLDB [09], DASFAA [05,06,09], WWW [07], DKE [06a,06b,09], PAKDD[04,06]   Post Doc Fellow, L3S, University of Hanover, Germany Associate Professor, University of Technology, Sydney
Erwin Erwin Leonardi Ph.D. Scalable XML Change Detection Using Relational Databases 2007 SIGMOD [07], DKE [07,06], ER [06], CIKM [05], DASFAA [05,06], DEXA [05,04] ACM Student Travel Award in ACM CIKM 2005 SMA Research Associate, NTU Principal Analytics Engg., Rio Tinto, Singapore
Qiankun Zhao Qiankun Ph.D. Mining Evolution of Structure of Semistructured Web Data 2007 SIGKDD [06], WWW [06], CIKM [08, 05a, 05b, 04], PAKDD [06a,06b], PKDD [04], DASFAA [05], DKE [06] Best Paper Award in ACM CIKM 2004, Distinguished Student Travel Grant in ACM CIKM 2004, ACM Student Travel Award in SIGKDD 2006 Post Doc Fellow, Pennsylvania State University, USA Founder, ZhugeIO; Chief Data Officer, Smart Cinema, Beijing
Sandeep Sandeep Prakash M.Engg Efficient Storage and Querying of XML Data in Relational Databases 2005 ICDE [06], ER [04], DASFAA [07], DEXA [06,04]    Hewlett Packard  
Denis Denis A Shestakov M.Engg Modeling and Querying Web Forms 2003 DKE [06], DEXA [05,04]   PhD at University of Turku, Finland PDF, INRIA,
Rennes, France


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