Reference Letters

Undergraduate students whom I have recommended in the past have got admission in several quality graduate programs in the US, Canada, and Europe such as Stanford, Imperial, Waterloo, UCSD, Michigan, Columbia Univ, ETH Zurich, etc. Some have also got admission in local graduate programs such as Masters of Financial Engg/Sc in NUS, NTU., and SMU My recommendations is based on your real strengths and weaknesses and your achievements that I am aware of. Hence, I do not agree to recommend someone unless I have favorable view of him/her. This is mutually beneficial in the long run. Specifically, if you want a reference letter from me then you must satisfy at least one of the following criteria

  • You have done Final Year Project under my supervision and have achieved at least a B+ grade
  • You have done an unofficial research project under my supervision and produced an impressive performance
  • I have taught you. Your participation and performance in the course is very good and you were positively conspicuous
  • You are undertaking graduate studies under my supervision

If I have agreed to give you a recommendation letter, send me an email with your recent resume in plain text, the list of places where you are applying, university stationery if any, and stamped, addressed outer envelopes. I will mail the letters directly. It is your responsibility to send me a reminder on time such that if I ship out the letter from NTU the day you remind me, you can still make the deadline.


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