Career Opportunities

Currently, there are following vacancies. Please drop me an email (with your CV that list your academic achievements) if you are interested in any of the following positions. Applications are accepted until the position is filled. Applicants with strong background in data management/analytics/algorithms are preferred.


  • One (Senior) Research Fellow position is available to perform high-quality multi-disciplinary research at the interface of network analytics and drug target discovery. A doctoral degree in Computer Science or Bioinformatics from a good university is required with excellent research track record in data analytics and bioinformatics. The position is available from February 2022.


  • One Research Assistant position is available to perform high-quality research in the area of entity resolution. An undergraduate degree in Computer Science from a good university is required with proficiency in Python, data management, and algorithms. The position is available from May 2022.


If you are interested to join our group, it is good to know the way we work:
  • We play with new ideas while following the mantra of quality over quantity on every aspect of our research.
  • I keep my team lean. That is, I work with a small group of students and research staffs and ensure that each of them receive quality supervision regularly.
  • I supervise at most 4-5 PhDs simultaneously. I DO NOT outsource PhD supervision to Post Docs. A doctoral student will be directly advised by me and have access to me anytime.
  • We focus on only few publications every year and aim for highly competitive and prestigious venues. We strongly discourage paper "diarrhoea". Typically, a Ph.D. student needs around three hiqh quality first-authored papers coming out of his/her thesis.
  • Since we like to play with no specific objective function to optimize, we are more interested on novel non-traditional problems that challenge conventional wisdom. The shorter the related work in your research, the more you can play :)


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