Ranking of Conferences/Journals


It is well-known among computer scientists that papers in peer-reviewed conferences are accepted as high-quality scholarly articles. In fact, conference papers are arguably more prestigious than journal publications: oftentimes, conferences have higher standards and lower acceptance rates. This is the opposite of most other scientific fields such as biology and chemistry. Given the importance of conferences in computer science, the ranking or standing of a venue is paramount to evaluate quality of a computer scientist as well as guide young researchers in choosing their venues. This page connects to some of the well-known CS conference ranking sites maintained by different individuals or groups.

CS Conference Ranking Sites

Most comprehensive conference ranking list: GII-GRIN Conference Rating
The CORE List
Ranking of Area-specific Conferences: Data Management and Mining, Web Technology, Bioinformatics
Ranking of Area-specific Journals: Data Management and Mining, Web Technology, Bioinformatics
List maintained by Osmar Zaiane
Microsoft Academic Search List
NUS List



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