Undergraduate Students

General Information

Undergraduate internships: I do not offer short term projects or summer internships to students not enrolled at NTU. Please do not write to me about internship as I will not be able to respond to individual emails.

FYP students: We meet in these situations:

  • You have something new to tell/show me
  • You are stuck (at a level higher than core-dumps or compilation problem)
  • I have something to tell you

We have a default slot per week but we need not always use it.

List of Present and Past Undergraduate FYP Students

Over the years, I had the opportunity to work with the following undergrad students with wide variety of capabilities (from very capable to very poor). The ones in red bold font are clearly outstanding among the lot. If you are an employer and would like to have a more detailed information about any of these students then please contact me by email.

Serial No Name Program Project Title Status Completion Date
148 Teo I-Jen B.Engg Predicting the Influence of Cancer Drugs on Human Signaling Network Ongoing May 2024
147 Chanthatrojwong Kasidis B.Engg Visualizing Property Graphs: Psychology meets Data Visualization Ongoing May 2024
146 Mukizhitha Rajkumar B.Engg Visualizing Emotions in Social Conversations Ongoing May 2024
145 Tham Chun Leong B.Engg Implementing a Novel Abstract Art-inspired Visual Abstraction for Visualizing Social Comments Ongoing May 2024
144 Andrew Teo Shaoming B.Engg Learning Analytics Tool for Student Performance Ongoing May 2024
143 Ng Zhengjie B.Engg Data-driven Construction of Visual Query Interface for Timeseries Data Ongoing May 2024
142 Lim Yanqi B.Engg An In-depth Study of How Users Sketch Time Series Queries Ongoing May 2024
141 Wang Tianyu B.Engg Efficient and Scalable Processing of Visual Property Graph Queries Ongoing May 2024
140 Aw Jeng Kit B.Engg (PT) A Visual Interface for Managing Conflict-Of-Interest Ongoing
139 Jin Yang Ng B.Engg Qualitative Analysis of Student Study Materials in CS Ongoing Dec 2023
138 Zheng Yang Goh B.Engg Visual Exploration of Real-World Data from an Aesthetics Company Ongoing Dec 2023
137 Ming Kiang Chua B.Engg Visualizing Database Schema Ongoing Dec 2023
136 Alloysius Lim Zong Hong B.Engg Stock Market Prediction Completed May 2023
135 Oo Jun Rui B.Engg An In-depth Study of How Users Sketch Time Series Queries Completed May 2023
134 Mooshik Seetloo B.Engg A Visual Interface for Understanding Query Execution Plans Completed May 2023
133 Justin Yip Jia En B.Engg Data-driven Construction of Visual Query Interface for Timeseries Data Completed May 2023
132 Sabrina Heng Chor Chen B.Engg Data-driven Recommendation of Personal Insurance Policy Completed May 2023
131 Wang Qiaochu B.Engg Effective Visualization of Human Cancer Signaling Network Completed May 2023
130 Joei Yan Zhu Yi B.Engg A User Study of Kandinsky - A System for Visualizing Social Discussions Completed May 2023
129 Isaac Soh Wei Yang B.Engg Quantifying Reputation and Success of Data Scientists Completed Dec 2022
128 Min Thant Ko B.Engg Effective Visualization of Networks Completed May 2022
127 Irvin Ting Sie Ze B.Engg Consolidating Financial Outlook Of Companies  Completed May 2022
126 Teo Kai Jie B.Engg Analyzing Confirmation Bias Completed May 2022
125 Pow Liang Hong B.Engg Natural Language Explanation of SQL Queries for Database Education Completed May 2022
124 Chew Yee Hian B.Engg Visualizing Real-World Relational Database Schema Completed May 2022
123 Lester Tay Kai Hong B.Engg A Visual Query Interface for Property Graphs  (Published in ACM SIGMOD 2023) Completed May 2022
122 Sunny Pek Yee Chong B.Engg iBrowse Completed May 2022
121 Mann Arjun Singh B.Engg Summarizing Natural Language Description of Query Execution Plans in RDBMS Completed May 2022
120 Soham Bhadra B.Engg Visualizing Sentiments in Social Conversation Completed May 2022
119 Loh Yi Xuan, Renice B.Engg Quantifying Reputation and Success of Data Scientists Completed Dec 2021
118 Seow Li Chong Glen B.Engg Interest Group-based Social Network: Design and Implementation Completed May 2021
117 Tan Xieng Yiong B.Engg Visual Analytics of Coronaviruses Data Completed May 2021
116 Ma Jiebing B.Engg A Visual Query Interface for Graphs (Published in ACM SIGMOD 2023) Completed May 2021
115 Jesslyn Chew Sze Yu B.Engg METER: A Tool for Map-based Visualization of Referencing Behaviours of Scientific Articles Completed May 2021
114 Li Yan B.Engg Visual Query Interface Construction for Time Series Data (Published in VLDB 2022) Completed May 2021
113 Sri Ashwari D/O Rajkumar Pillai B.Engg Visualizing Emotions in Social Conversations Completed Dec 2020
112 Tan Cheng Wu B.Engg Emotions in Social Conversations Completed May 2020
111 Castillo Clarence Fitzgerald Gumtang B.Engg Visualizing Social Comments on Mobile Devices (Published in ACM MM 2021) Completed May 2020
110 Nicole Liow Wei Xuan B.Engg Visual Graph Querying on Mobile Devices - May 2020
109 Neo Kee Pin B.Engg Fake News Likelihood Index Completed Dec 2019
108 Tang Shuqian B.Engg Visual Subgraph Query Processing Completed May 2019
107 Low Heok Hong B.Engg Querying Timeseries Data Completed May 2019
106 Nurul Syafiqah Binti Sapnan B.Engg Trends in Twitter: Who, What, Why? Completed May 2019
105 Sean Tan Jun Yu B.Engg Smart Contracts on Blockchains (Published in ACM SIGMOD 2020) Completed May 2019
104 Oon Xue Ting B.Engg Tweets Analytics to Understand Impact of Elections on Forex Completed May 2019
103 Htut Aung Shine B.Engg (Part Time) Visual Graph Query Formulation on Mobile Devices Completed July 2019
102 Marcia Ong Wen Jie B.Engg Tracking Sales in Insurance Industry Completed Dec 2018
101 Daniel Yap Jian Hui B.Engg Teaching Enhanced by Technology: Tools to Estimate Student Attentiveness during Lecture Completed Dec 2018
100 Hartono B.Engg Election Information Management System Completed Dec 2017
99 Pham Duy Khanh B.Engg Visual Complexity of Query Interface (Published in EDBT 2023) Completed May 2017
98 Jophia Soh Yi Wen B.Engg Trend Analysis in Twitter Completed May 2017
97 Alfie Farhana Binte Mohamed B.Engg Collapp - Collaboration Chat App Completed May 2017
96 Tan Jia Hao B.Engg Map-based Property Search on Mobile Devices Completed May 2017
95 Samuel Boren Phua B.Engg Recommendation Engine for Web-based Applications Completed Dec 2016
94 Koh Da Yuan B.Engg A Database System for Managing and Visualizing Faculty Teaching Feedback Completed May 2016
93 Chin Jin Yao B.Engg Online Tweet Summarization (Published in ACM SIGIR 2017, JASIST 2018) Completed May 2016
92 Li Shing To B.Engg GitHub Repository Analysis & Prediction Completed May 2016
91 Li Siwei B.Engg Parkly: A Carpark Lot Availbility Monitor System  On Leave May 2016
90 Mengxuan Chen B.Engg Visualizing FACETS (Published in IEEE ICDM 2016) Completed May 2015
89 Bo Huang B.Engg Evolutionary Summary and Visualization of Social Comments Completed May 2015
88 Neo Qian Wen, Christina B.Engg Teaching Feedback Management System Completed May 2015
87 Jeremy Isaac Foo Jia Wei B.Engg Hospital Management System Completed May 2015
86 Shiven Ramdassaney B.Engg Non-Conflict Reviewers Selection System - A Graph-based Technique - Dec 2015
85 Doreen Loh Jia Wen B.Engg Design and Development of a Social Platform for Businesses and Investors Completed May 2014
84 Yan Kin Man B.Engg Changing the Salon Industry: Hairdo Visualization and Efficient Booking System Completed May 2014
83 Poh Boon Ng B.Engg Integrating Social Media Platforms Completed May 2014
82 Lim Ong Yuan Sean B.Engg A Web-based Online Grocery Management System Completed May 2014
81 Khok Hong Jing B.Engg Query Ambiguity in XML Keyword Search (Published in ACM SIGIR 2017) Completed May 2014
80 Dilwyn Teo Yong Li B.Engg Faculty Workload Analytics in Academia Completed May 2014
79 Chew Min Min B.Engg Searching Social Images (Published in ACM SIGIR 2018) Completed May 2014
78 Andree Wijaya B.Engg A Web Platform for Visual XML Querying Completed Nov 2013
77 Boh Ze Yang B.Engg iXDB: Towards Click-Pinch-Drag-Enter XML Databases Completed Nov 2013
76 Huynh Ngoc Anh B.Engg (EEE) Visual Graph Query Processing Completed May 2013
75 Rohit Luthra B.Engg Towards User-Friendly Navigation of XML Structural Summary During Query Formulation - May 2013
74 Kong Chun Leong James B.Engg iDB: Towards Database Querying Using IPads Completed Nov 2012
73 Nguyen Hong Hien B.Engg (ABP) Pattern-based Visual Subgraph Query Formulation Meets Query Processing (Published in IEEE ICDE 2015) Completed May 2012
72 Fu Chao B.Engg Towards XML Querying for Dummies Completed May 2012
71 Thian Chan One Benji B.Engg Design and Implementation of a Visual Graph Querying Simulator (Published in IEEE ICDE 2015) Completed May 2012
70 Tan Han Meng B.Engg Analyzing Enviromental Microblogs Completed May 2012
69 Xia Weihua B.Engg Design and Implementation of a Citation Database Completed May 2012
68 Gaukhar Tlessova BEngg A Web Platform for XBLEND Completed Dec 2011
67 Ho Hoang Hung BEngg (ABP) Blending Visual Subgraph Similarity Query Formulation and Query Processing on Large Graphs (Published in SIGMOD 2013, VLDB Journal) Completed May 2011
66 Ang Min Hwee BEngg Intelligent Query Feedback During Visual XML Query Formulation (Published in ACM CIKM 2015) Completed May 2011
65 Huang Yue BEngg To Join or Not to Join? Completed May 2011
64 Wang Yingqi BEngg Design and Implementation of a Visual Interface for In-Silico Combinational Drug Therapy (Published in SIGHIT 2012) Completed May 2011
63 Qu Xin BEngg Enhancing XML Structure Visualization for Fast Query Formulation Completed May 2011
62 Teo Kee Lin BEngg XCLOSE: XML Keyword Search Engine Completed Dec 2010
61 Truong Ba Quan BEngg Efficient Processing of Tree Distance Axes in XML Databases (Published in DASFAA 2012) Completed May 2010
60 Qiu Weixing Colin BEngg Mining Frequently Changing Interesting XML Data from Historical XML Documents Completed May 2010
59 Huang Yiwei BEngg Towards Consumable XML Databases Completed May 2010
58 Saiful Shahril Bin Saini BEngg Towards Consumable XML Databases Completed May 2010
57 Cai Ruibao BEngg XML Query Processing Completed Dec 2009
56 Neha Chachra BEngg Efficient Evaluation of Tree Distance Axis in a Tree-Unaware RDBMS Completed May 2009
55 Ong Chin Sin BEngg Efficient Evaluation of Frequently Issued XML Queries Completed May 2009
54 Krishnan Aswath BEngg XCLOSE: Returning Relevant Results for XML Keyword Search Completed May 2009
53 Sun Yung Ting BEngg Exploratory XML Query Processing Completed May 2009
52 Ng Huimin Pamela BEngg Efficient Visualization of XML Query Results Completed May 2009
51 Seah Chun Wei BEngg Efficient and Scalable Evaluation of XPath Queries with Qualifiers: A Data Mining-Driven Approach Completed Dec 2008
50 Soh Kheng Hong BEngg Efficient Evaluation of NOT Predicates in XML Database (Published in DASFAA 2011, The VLDB Journal) Completed Dec 2008
49 Huang Zhiyuan Alvin BEngg Quantitative Modelling of Visual XML Query Formulation Times Completed Dec 2008
48 Dang Thi Bich Hanh BEngg Efficient Processing of Ancestor and Descendant XPath Axes in XML Databases Completed May 2008
47 Ng Zhifeng Clement BEngg Efficient Processing of Closest Axis in XML Databases (Published in ACM CIKM 2009) Completed May 2008
46 Xiao Beiou BEngg Relevant Keyword Search in XML Databases Completed May 2008
45 Lin Yuyou John BEngg Efficient Evaluation of Node Comparison in a XML Database Completed May 2008
44 Lin Jinxiang Dennis BEngg Efficient Evaluation of XQuery Functions in a XML Database Completed May 2008
43 Sim Fu Chai BEngg Web Event Detection: What Can We Do With It? Completed May 2007
42 Zhou Yong BEngg DEMONE: A System for Monitoring the Deep Web Completed May 2007
41 Sun Hongmei BEngg Analyzing Relational Query Plans for Processing XML Queries (Published in ACM CIKM 2007) Completed May 2007
40 Wang Geng BEngg Efficient Processing of Ancestor and Descendant XPath Axes in XML Databases Completed May 2007
39 Myo Maw Aye BEngg Storing and Processing XML Attributes and Elements in Relational Databases Completed May 2007
38 Wang Dan BEngg Change Detection on Vectorised XML Failed (No report submission) May 2007
37 Jia Shaopeng URECA Vague Content and Structure Retrieval for XML Data in Relational Databases - June 2006
36 Fajar Ardian  BEngg Automatic Identification of Unique Identifiers from Hidden Web Query Results Completed May 2006
35 Guo Zhiwei BEngg Maintenance of Minimal Infrequent Structures for Dynamic XML Completed May 2006
34 Lee Tzyy Ming BEngg Performance Analysis of XML Subtree Construction and Visualization in XML Query Results Completed May 2006
33 Kwan Wei Pin BEngg A Framework for Visual XML Query Formulation Completed May 2006
32 Lau Khee Thong BEngg Maintenance of Path Selectivity Estimation for Dynamic XML Completed May 2006
31 Ong Baolong, Michael BEngg Storage and Processing of Microarray Data Completed May 2006
30 Wong Jin Wei BEngg Change Detection on Vectorised XML Completed May 2006
29 Seah Boon Siew BEngg Efficient Supporting of Order in XML Query Processing using RDBMS (Published in DASFAA 2007) Completed Nov 2005
28 Choo Sui Ming BEngg So, What Happens to XML Query Performance when DTD Changes? Completed Nov 2005
27 Ow Shee Siang BEngg A Framework for Privacy Policies and Views Completed June 2005
26 Nicole Budiman BEngg Mining Conserved Web Access Patterns Completed June 2005
25 Loke Khin Kai BEngg Detecting Changes to Unordered XML using Prufer Sequences Completed June 2005
24 Li Shing Yan BEngg Visualization of XML Structure Mining Results Completed June 2005
23 Png Wei Chung, Jerome BEngg Synthetic XML Delta Generator Completed June 2005
22 Koh Jit Jing, Patrick BEngg Efficient XML Access Control in SUCXENT ++ Failed (No report submission) June 2005
21 Tan Shin Yee BEngg Querying Changes to Genome Data Completed June 2004
20 Arpit Sood BEngg Mining Increasing Frequently Changing Web Structures Completed June 2004
19 Yeo Chun Eng BEngg Automatic Update of Biological Warehouse Completed June 2004
18 Sri Lisuiningsih Budiman BEngg Detecting Changes to Hybrid XML (Published in DEXA 2005) Completed June 2004
17 Lim Siao Mei, Ivy BEngg Updating XML Completed June 2004
16 Su Sheng Shou BEngg Design and Implementation of GUI for XML Enabled Systems Failed June 2004
15 Zeng Xin Tian, & Donovan Diploma (Temasek Poly) Detecting Changes to Ordered XML Completed June 2004
14 Toy Meng Sheng B Engg Access Control in XEDY Completed Nov 2003
13 Song Yang BEngg Detecting Bio Deltas (Published in DKE Journal, ACM CIKM 04, DASFAA 2007, DASFAA 2010) Completed June 2003
12 Harishankar Vijayarajan B.Engg Xtransformer: Transforming XQuery to SQL in XEDY Completed June 2003
11 Loh Hock Leong, Brendon B.Engg A Graphical Interface for Formulating XML Queries Completed June 2003
10 Lim Yee Wane, Cheryl B.Engg Design and Implementation of an XML Delta Generator Completed June 2003
9 Cheok Lay Koon B.Engg A Graphical Interface for Managing Changes to XML Data Completed June 2003
8 Khoo Boon Tian B. Engg Synthetic XML Data Generator (Published in XSDM 2003) Completed June 2003
7 Tio Surya Dharma B.Engg (AMP) Detecting XML Deltas (Published in DEXA 2004) Completed Nov 2002
6 Tay Khim Wee B.Engg Storing XML data in XEDY (Published in EC-WEB 2003) Completed Nov 2002
5 Tan Justin BE (Hnrs) Web Information Harvesting Completed June 2002
4 Inderjeet Singh B.Appl.Sc A Graphical Interface for viewing Web Query Results Completed June 2002
3 B. S. Nishikanth B.Appl.Sc A Graphical Interface for Querying the Web Completed June 2002
2 Tan Kee Huei B.Appl.Sc Design and Implementation of a Web Schema Generator Completed Nov 2001
1 Ang Kho Kiong B.Appl.Sc VISCOUS: A Graphical Interface for Formulating Disjunctive Web Queries (Published in DKE Journal) Completed Nov 2001



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